Amazon’s Quad Core Hollywood Tablet Coming In 2012?

We know Amazon is working on some new Android tablets, which we are expecting to see before the end of the year, one of those is rumored to the called the Amazon Hollywood and it will apparently feature a quad core NVIDIA Kal-El processor and a 10 inch display.

According to a recent report by DigitTimes, the Amazon Hollywood tablet won’t start shipping until the early part of 2012, the reports says that Foxconn, who are rumored to be manufacturing the tablet for Amazon, wont start making it until quarter one of 2012.

Amazon Android Tablet

Of course we could still see the other rumored Amazon tablet launch before the end of the year, and we recently heard that Amazon intend to sell their tablets for a couple of hundred dollars less than Apple’s iPad.

It will be interesting to see what Amazon comes up with for their Android tablets, and whether they are able to compete with other Android tablets on the market and also the Apple iPad.

Source DigitTimes


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  • Anonymous

    Everyone is assuming that Amazon can only compete on price. If Amazon had not created such a brilliant Kindle it would not have sold so well.

    Instead of a cheap standard tablet Amazon has the opportunity to produce another “object of desire”.

    Consider a Kindle with colour Mirasol display capable of being viewed in full sunlight, with full motion support so you can view movies (from Amazon), listen to audiobooks (from Amazon), listen to MP3s (from Amazon) and of course functioning as a reader for ebooks (from Amazon) and having front lighting built in. Add an App capability with internet access (even if limited) and days, not hours of “on” time and who wouldn’t want one? See Qualcomm’s demos (which are over a year old) and assume there have been improvements.

    That is likely t be one expensive device. But if Amazon produced such and sold at a “reasonable” price I believe it could be even more desirable than an IPad.

    That’s the 7 inch version. Many existing Kindle owners would jump if the price was “right” (not “cheap”).
    Then a few months later comes big brother – same technology but 10 inch – capable of magazine and coffee table book displays, larger video etc.

    If such a device does not come from Amazon then they will have missed a trick because if Qualcomm is right and someone else is their partner for an Autumn release, Amazon could end up with egg on its face.