Amazon Hires Portal And Far Cry 2 Developers To Develop Video Games

Today Amazon announced the launch of its new Amazon Fire TV service in the US that will take the form of a new set-top box that connects directly to a HDTV, enabling you to watch Amazons streaming movie service and more.

In the future it might also be possible to play some AAA games through the new Amazon Fire TV system, as it has been reported this week that Amazon has employed to high profile games designers to help with its Amazon Game Studio games development.


The newly appointed game developers include Portal designer Kim Swift and Far Cry 2 designer Clint Hocking who have both joined Amazon Game Studios, reports the Kotaku website, which states :

“Swift, best known for helping create Portal, most recently worked at Airtight Games on the Ouya-exclusive Soul Fjord. Hocking, who has spent the past few years bouncing around between studios including Valve and LucasArts, helped create Splinter Cell and Far Cry 2.”

It will be interesting to see what the Amazon Game Studio is capable of producing in the coming months and years to enhance its already available hardware and services.

Amazon Game Dvelopers

Source: Kotaku

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