Aerosol Beverage Turbo Tango Is Freakishly Compelling

It’s a novel idea for sure, but you can’t seem to suppress a lingering suspicion toward this ridiculous new beverage container. It begs the question: Aside from delicious juice, what exactly are you spraying inside your mouth? As for the flavor? Officially dubbed Turbo Tango, the smashing new beverage form Britvic is currently available in the UK only. If sales prove a roaring success, it’ll be rolled out across the cash-strapped European Union. Lovely.

Turbo Tango

The picture says it all: spray it inside your mouth and maybe you’ll look as joyful as the guy in a jacket. Hmmmmm. Selling for a little over a quid, the Tango is being trumpeted as groundbreaking innovation, at least in the soft drinks category. Britvic claims more than 40 developers had a hand at designing and subsequently perfecting its dewey goodness. As for flavoring, there seems to be scant information available—what’s seen above appears to be some orangeous concoction.


The target of Turbo Tango is of course, the young ones. Susceptible young ones who perhaps had previous experience drinking out of an aerosol can (kids, don’t try this at home—ever). As part of its current marketing blitz, Turbo Tango is said to have been a success even at its testing stages when teenagers wanted to buy it right out the lab (not a good idea).


Only time will tell if aerosol beverage become a worrying fad. Godspeed on these Britvic chaps then.


Lastly, here’s a bit of instruction on its proper use: “Hold upright and squirt in your mouth (and nowhere else).”


Source Daily Mail


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