Adjust Concept Watch (video)

We have featured a number of unique watch designs here on Geeky Gadgets over the years, from Tokyoflash Japan. But this new futuristic and minimal Adjust watch concept designed by Nico NL1, uses 32 LED triangles to emulate the digits needed to convey the time. As you would expect, once you know how to read the time it’s watch face easily reveals it time after time.

adjus watch

Pressing the side button reveals the time for a few seconds after a small animation. The screen has a removable cover, made of translucent, rigid plastic, and the Adjust watch would be supplied with four different covers to choose from. A variety of colour filters can also be used for the digit colours and can be changed by removing the watch’s face cover.

Unfortunately the Adjust watch is still just a concept at the moment but, hopefully Tokyoflash will turn it in to reality.

Source: Yanko

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