Adafruit Raspberry Pi Occidentalis v0.1Custom Linux Distro Introduced

This week Adafruit has introduced its own custom created Linux distro for Raspberry Pi in the form of the new “Occidentalis v0.1”, and is  derived from Raspbian Wheezy.

The name has come from a play on the Latin term for black raspberry “Rubus occidentalis”, and the Luinx distro has been created with maximum hackability in mind.

Adafruit Raspberry Pi

Occidentalis v0.1 includes the ability to either turn on or optimise SSHD access, Bonjour networking, ssh keygen on first boot, Realtek RTL8188CUS WiFi support and other tools to help provide easier hacking. Adafruit explains:

“This is our first distro, Occidentalis v0.1. Rubus occidentalis is the black raspberry. It is derived from Raspbian Wheezy (July 15th). We have made a few key changes to make it more hardware-hacker friendly!”

For more information on the new Adafruit Occidentalis v0.1 Linux Distro jump over to the Adafruit website.

Source: Hot Hardware : Adafruit

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