Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Works with Android and iOS

Withings is a company that makes a number of health related gadgets. The company has had a blood pressure monitor in the past that stored readings to a smartphone or tablet. The company is back at CES 2014 with a refreshed and wireless version of that blood pressure machine. The product is called the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure monitor.


It not only needs no wires between the Android or iOS device required, but has no wires between the cuff and the inflator either. The entire system is wireless and promises to be very accurate. The cuff is pre-formed to make it easy to put on and has an attached inflator that does all the work for you.

The smartphone or tablet is designed to control the system using an application that is available at no cost. The app lets you start the reading. It also shows the systolic and diastolic pressures and heart rate. The cool part for the user who needs to keep track of these readings is that the app does that automatically. You can easily compare readings over time for your doctor to view if needed. The device will launch soon for $129.95.

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