THQ Divided, Assets Sold To Sega, Ubisoft & Crytek

After filing for bankruptcy at the start of the year and being denied a quick sale of its assets to Clearlake Capital Group, the THQ saga has reached a conclusion with the company being split up and sold in pieces. The main beneficiaries of this fire sale are Sega and Ubisoft, while Deep Silver, Crytek and Take-Two have picked up the rest of the THQ studios and properties.

darksiders 2

Sega beat out Zenimax for Relic Entertainment, paying 26.6 million, while Ubisoft ironically snapped up former Assassin’s Creed creative director Patrice Desilets’s new studio, THQ Montreal. Ubisoft also picked up the publishing rights for the currently in development South Park RPG. Saint’s Row makers Volition went to Deep Silver along with the rights to the Metro franchise and Homefront found a new home with Crytek. Darksiders studio Vigil has yet to be picked up, but Revengeance devs Platinum have reportedly shown an interest.

Source Eurogamer

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