The Defibrillator Toaster Brings Your Breakfast To Life

Unorthodox perhaps, but toasters are so boring anyway. It’s about time someone came up with a fresh take on the vital machine that warms our bread every morning, the Defibrillator Toaster.

If toasters weren’t around, gross people would probably stick their bread slices in armpits to warm them. Ugh! However, since this defibrillator is shaped like a defibrillator, don’t think you can put it on your chest and resuscitate yourself. Bad idea! Real life is a far cry from Battlefield 3, people.

Defibrillator Toaster

Further research indicates the Defibrillator Toaster is the work of Shay Carmon, who has outed the concept to broaden her portfolio.

It’s really cool though. People having their breakfast will get a kick seeing their bread toasted by a defibrillator.

Source Boing Boing

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