Terrafugia Car Plane Now Road Ready

The Terrafugia is a very excellent machine that really makes you believe flying cars are feasible and a noir-ish Bladerunner future is a few years away. Sure, it might not be super sexy like a few concepts that have been featured here at Geeky Gadgets, but the advantage the Terrafugia has is it’s been a round for some years. In fact, its maiden flight was on 2009.


The really incredible news is the Terrafugia has been approved for road use as an automobile, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration dubbing it roadable aircraft.

Setting aside everyone’s fears about drunk car fliers and our particular fears that the Terrafugia can be modded to carry oms and missiles, the car itself is a marvel of practical design. Thanks to a carbon fiber frame and foldable features, the Terrafugia doesn’t have to rely on cutting edge technology to e feasible. Also, when the weather is bad while flying this, it can always land on a short strip and go into car mode.

The Terrafugia isn’t the upcoming Model T of the flying car era, however, as a single car will set you back $250,000. $10,000 re-fundable deposits are available though.

Now all that’s needed are a group of runaway droids in a world of flying cars and we’d all be living in a classic Ridley Scott movie.


Source CNET

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    I think it is cool but I would be careful where I would drive since any road debris or other object might damage the wing keeping it from being flown. It could reduce hanger fees since one could drive it home and store it in ones garage. One would get a lot of stares when driving it down the road.