Steadycam Pro iPhone 4 App Provides Realtime Image Stabilisation (video)

If you are any thing like me a end up with the odd shaky video footage from your iPhone 4 video camera, a newly released iPhone 4 app called SteadyCam Pro might be able to help you remove a few of those wobbles.

The iPhone 4 app has been created by Midnox and due to the mechanics within the application is only available on the iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1 or later. Watch a video of the new SteadyCam Pro iPhone application in action after the jump.

SteadyCam Pro

SteadyCam Pro is free to download and try and gives you a 15 sec record time and a water mark on your footage in the demo. However once you’ve tried it and can see its potential working for you, an upgrade is available for $2.99 or £1.79, to a paid version which has no watermarks or recording limits.

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