Sony Officially Reveals PlayStation 4, DualShock 4

Despite no great surprises, it’s still nice to see all of the PS4 rumours slowly trickling out over the last few months given official confirmation. Other major confirmed features are the DualShock 4 controller, which looks exactly like the widely circulated leaked picture, along with the Share button and headphone jack.


The DualShock 4’s Share button will also allow players to stream gameplay sessions to their Facebook friends. Other tidbits include robust built-in support for Remote Play which Sony says will allow all PS4 games to be streamed to the Vita as well as games that can be played while downloading and streamed using Gaikai. Strong support for experimental business models like F2P has also been mentioned. The console is hitting shelves “Holiday 2013″, though Sony hasn’t let any pricing details, or indeed even a look at the unit itself slip.

Source Eurogamer

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