Scientists Hard At Work On Immortality For Us Humans

Since more and more of humanity is living in a dystopian sci fi novel these days, it comes as no surprise that a few scientists out there are still questing for the impossible. Is this the new alchemy? Perhaps, but a major American news outlet has presented some very striking developments that could be of considerable significance in the near future.

Scientists Hard At Work On Immortality For Us Humans

The picture above: Oh yeah, Achilles. Immortality! Take it, it’s yours! Troy sucked, by the way.

The report cited efforts by scientists from the UK and the US to alter the ageing process. The key is, rather than come up with a super-medicine, in human cells. Alter the cellular lifespan and you alter a human lifespan.

Of course, while immortality is indeed an alluring (and ever so illusive) so-far-mythical goal, it is also a double edged sword. If your existence stretches to the far infinite, what point is there to anything? Ah well, better turn to suicide for that rare ‘extreme’ experience. So yeah, immortality has all the ethical/philosophical ramifications that would make a good movie. A particularly good Christopher Nolan movie, that is. Or maybe Terrence Malick would do a better job.

What would you do if you were immortal? Please, please don’t answer playing Skyrim for the next hundred years. There’s more to life than that, bro.

Source CNBC


  • Anonymous

    I would watch the Highlander again and again and develop a real good use of the sword.

    Honestly you would have to get into politics, our systems of governance are remnants of our feudal past, and our societal evolution depends entirely on living according to the laws of the universe/Nature/physics.  The only saving grace we have for humanity is we die, if we didn’t, there would be a world of gods and monsters, all systems of governance concentrate wealth in the rich, except the libertarian Ideals outlined by Adams Smiths Ideas on capitalism.  Capitalism most closely resembles a natural ecosystem and without it immortality will just excaudate and perpetuate our current problems.  

  • Valentin-Angelo Uzunov

    No question about it, i would do everything, see everything, learn everything. I will aim to reach a level of a highly evolved being, one that does not have the short comings of a human sapiens we are now. The possibility would be endless. The beauty would be that scientists could not make you immortal, but rather given you an indefinite lifespan, which means we live till we feel we have reached out ultimate realization of ourselves. Can’t imagine anything better really