RJ-45 Ethernet Keychain Wall Rack

If you have lots of keys you need to keep organised and in a safe place this fantastically unique geeky RJ-45 Ethernet keychain rack could be the perfect solution. Especially if you have a few unwanted old RJ-45 Ethernet sockets just sitting around, gathering dust.

Its been created by Instructables user harari and shows how a few Ethernet ports can be put to good use, together with some coloured Ethernet cable to help identify the keys even easier.

RJ-45 Ethernet Key Chain Wall Rack

Simply attached the Ethernet ports to the wall and then add keychain rings to RJ-45 cable connections to create the key hangers. Full instruction on making your very own can be found over on the Instructables website.

Source: Lifehacker : Instructables

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    Sounds like a good idea, but those plastic locking tabs on RJ-45 are too easy to break off in my pocket.