Raspberry Pi Case Created Using An Old Cassette Tape

Raspberry Pi Cassette Tape Case

Raspberry Pi owners who are looking for a more unique case to protect their $35 mini PC, might be interested in this unique Raspberry Pi cassette tape case.

Michele Alessandrini is responsible for the idea to adapt an old cassette tape to fit the Raspberry Pi which provides a very unique casing for the awesome mini PC, and if like me you have plenty of cassettes in the attic allows you to put them to use.

Alessandrini explains a little more about the process and inspiration behind creating the Raspberry Pi cassette tape case:

“Having some spare hours and a Raspberry Pi, I couldn’t resist to add something to the vast field of Raspberry Pi’s cases and mods. I was thinking of a way to make a cheap case for the Pi, possibly with spare parts, and old music cassettes came to my mind.

Searching the web, it seems that nobody did something like that, so… here we are. If you look at this photo, it seems like a cassette is quite a perfect match for the Pi.”

For full instructions on how to transform an old cassette tape into an awesome and very original Raspberry Pi case jump over to the Adafruit website for full details.

Raspberry Pi Cassette Tape Case

Source: Adafruit

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