Quantum Dot Enhancement Film Is Next Generation LCD Technology

Nanosys, Inc has announced today that its next generation LCD technology, the Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF), is now available for display manufacturers to be able to use.

The new LCD technology allows display manufactures the ability to increase colour gamut by as much as three times without making the trade offs in cost, size and brightness they’ve had to make in the past. Providing richer, more viscerally vibrant reds and a deeper palette of greens, the colours the human eye see more intensely than any other color.


The image above  shows a QDEFTM-enabled 47’’ display on the right which delivers 60 percent of visible colours versus 20-35 percent from a typical LCD on the left. More viscerally alive reds and a deeper palette of greens can be seen in the QDEF display.

The current generation of displays in smartphones, tablets, laptops and large format TVs can only express 20 to 35 percent of the colours our human eyes can see. The new QDEF represents the first time that quantum dot technology is available to display makers as an optical film, which can then be scaled to any size including large televisions.

“We believe color will be a significant differentiator for early adopters of quantum dot technology; and, QDEF will give display makers a competitive edge by providing consumers with a color quality experience they have only seen in movie theaters and professionally printed photos,” said Jason Hartlove, president and CEO of Nanosys. “Almost all content available today has to be dialed down to match the limited capabilities of current displays, but with a QDEF enabled display developers and producers can create a photo-quality color experience for the user.”

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