Pod Power Extension Cord Lets You Plug All Sorts Of Stuff

Kate Vallen probably had so many gadgets with her all the time that necessity just had to step in and give birth to an invention. That invention is the Pod Power, a novel extension cord where multiple sockets are coiled together for broad use. Y ‘broad use’ is meant being stretched across a room so stuff can get stuck on it. This might be a good idea in co-working spaces, which are popular in the budding technology hubs of London and New York. Other than the professional environment, household use is also an ideal setting for the Pod Power.

Pod Power

Oh yeah, Kate Vallen? She’s credited as the inventor of the Pod Power. That explains the opening sentence that begins this post.

Luckily, even the cash strapped can afford the Pod Power. It’s selling online for a decent $34.99.


Source Quirky


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