Philips HDR5710 and HDR5750 High-Definition Video Recorders Debut

Philips has announced that it will be launching a pair of new high-definition recorders capable of recording over the air HD programming. Neither of the HDR recorders requires a contract or subscription to use. The new HDR recorders include the HDR5710 and HDR5750 and both feature integrated Wi-Fi.


The recorders are designed to record free full HD resolution over the air broadcasts. They also support several streaming services including Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, and CinemaNow. The two recorders have all the same features with one notable exception. The HDR5710 has a 500 GB hard drive able to store up to 50 hours of HD programs.

The HDR5750 has a 1 TB hard drive allowing it to store up to 100 hours of HD programming. Both of the video recorders also include an HDMI input making set up easy and the ability to run network applications. They also both feature an integrated USB port allowing users to connect to external hard drives for storage expansion when needed. Both recorders also come with a universal remote control with dedicated buttons for Netflix and Vudu. Both will launch in November.

“Consumers want to watch television on their schedule and Philips HDR products give them the freedom to do just that,” said Keith Michael, senior marketing director, P&F USA, the exclusive electronics licensee for Philips in North America. “Research shows more and more consumers are cutting the cord from cable or satellite and opting for basic channel programs, especially since the number of free over the air channels has increased significantly. Unlike traditional HDR devices, Philips HDRs allow customers to record over the air content free without needing a subscription.”

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