Nothing Beats Having Your Own Beehive For Honey

The bad news is in the unfortunate case that the bees escape their man-made habitat, havoc ensues. Worse if it happens in your living room. Anyway, seen below is a sexy new concept from Philips, that ubiquitous European brand from Holland responsible for so many other gadgets. With this latest home accessory though Philips brings fresh honey to your eager fingertips.

Bee Hive

The goal here is to not only make fresh honey available for the user, but cultivate bees as well. The man-mad beehive works by providing a habitat for the bees all year long. There’s a nozzle at the back, where a cradle like container can fit a flower pot for pollinating purposes.

The structure of this artificial hive indicates it’s secured to a window, the hive itself facing indoors. Despite its smart look, there’s still the all-important input of professional or even hobby beekeepers whose real world experience should put this hive’s capabilities in perspective.

If you’re wondering how to milk this hive of its precious honey, there’s a mechanism that produces smoke, therefore allowing the honey to be squeezed out. Sounds weird, but as concepts go the engineering part here isn’t fully brought into the picture.

Source Fast Company

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