Nintendo Wii Mini UK Price Will Be £80

Earlier in the week we heard that the Wii Mini UK price would be £103, this was after the device was listed on Amazon and some other retailers, the various companies have no changed their retail price of the device and the Nintendo Wii Mini UK price will now be $79.99.

The Nintendo Wii Mini will go on sale in the UK on the 22nd of March, the console is a stripped down version of the Wii, and it will be interesting to see if the device becomes popular.

Wii Mini UK Price

The Wii Mini has had a number of features removed over the original version, there is no Internet connectivity as both WiFi and Ethernet are gone, the full version of the console retails for £40 more at £120.

Nintendo does have quite a large catalog of games for the Wii Mini of over 1,000, this could end up making the device quite popular, along with its £80 price tag.

Source Cnet

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