Nikon FSB-UC Fieldscope Adapter Unveiled

Nikon has this week unveiled a new adapter bracket called the Nikon FSB-UC which has been designed to provide an easy way for Coolpic owners to connect their camera to Nikon fieldscopes, and fieldmicroscope EZ-Micro.

Nikon FSB-UC

The new Nikon FSB-UC adapter for fieldscopes, is now available to purchase for around $250. If you are looking for a similar deveice to connect a DSLR camera, Nikon already has one available in the form of its Nikon FSB-8 digital camera bracket.

Features of the new Nikon FSB-UC include the ability to access the batteries and recording media while the camera is still attached to a Fieldscope. As well as incorporating a universal bracket for attachment to a wide variety of Nikon Coolpix digital cameras.

Source: Nikon Rumours

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