Nikko VaporizR Toy Car Roll On Any Kind Of Terrain

The remote controlled toy car just got cooler with the new Nikko VaporizR. This device not only has a killer name, but also has some unique features.

A fully amphibious toy, the Nikko Vaporizer is able to traverse various kinds of terrain, as well as on water and ice. The 4 x 4 vehicle itself is designed with a streamlined white body adorned with various stripes and blocks of color.

It also has oversized black wheels that are able to function as paddles when the toy is on the water, or provides added friction when the toy is treading on snow. On land, the wheels run with fast speeds and is able to go over bumps and even on mud. They also add durability to the body of the car as it acts as a cushion for it especially on rugged landscapes.

The toy is powered by 2 motors which can enable it to go any direction, and can even spin in a 360 degrees around. It runs on a 6v Ni-MH Battery and comes with Radio Control Handset, a battery charger, as well as an owner’s manual. Its dimensions are 38 x 27 x 22cm and it has a weight of only 2.2kg. The Nikko VaporizR costs £40 or around $63.

Via OhGizmo

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