New Apple iPad 5 Tablet Compared To New iPad Mini 2 (video)

Thanks to leaked case parts for the new Apple iPad 5 expected to be announced on October 15th by Apple, the SW-Box website has been able to compare the current iPad 4 tablet with the new Apple iPad 5 and new iPad Mini 2 tablet.

The video after the jump shows the differences in sizes of the new Apple iPad tablets and the design of the new Apple iPad 5 reflects the design of the current and new iPad Mini and iPad Mini 2 tablets. Watch the video after the jump to learn more.

Apple iPad 5

Unfortunately are the current time no information is available regards specifications for the new Apple iPad 5 tablet of the smaller iPad Mini 2 but in a couple of weeks or hopefully before if details are leaked we will get to know and will keep you updated.

However it is being rumoured that the iPad Mini 2 will also use the new 64-bit A7 processor the same as the new iPhone 5S which was launched by Apple earlier this month.

Source: Gizmodo : SW-Box

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