Moto X Bamboo Wood Back Arrives At Moto Maker with An Extra $100 Price

Recently, Motorla teased the wood back for Moto X, suggesting it will soon make an appearance on the Moto Maker website. As expected, Motorola has released the wood back customizations for the Moto X, but it’s currently available in bamboo only for an extra $100, as well as delayed shipping time.

Previous reports suggested the wood customizations will launch during the holiday season with an extra $50 bucks added to the final price, but it’s more than that.

Moto X Wood


Additionally, if you decide to get a wood back customization for your Moto X, you have to go with white edges. You can still choose a different color for the accent and front panel, along with a customized signature on the back.

The new bamboo wood back is listed under Natural section on the Moto Maker website, and there’s no word on when the other wood customizations will hit the Moto Maker website.

Additionally, you have to wait for almost two to three weeks after you place your order, so it should reach you after the holiday season. I don’t know if we should be excited about it as Motorola has taken a considerable amount of time to release the wood customization, and that too with a long shipping times. Anyway, are you going to buy the Moto X with wood customization?

Source: Moto Maker, Android Central

Image Credit: @evleaks

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