Mobile Tracking Blocker SilentPocket Perfect For The Paranoid

Always been afraid of Big Brother? Concerned about your privacy in this age of corporate ubiquity? Fear no more–or at least fear less–as the nefarious powers that be can be blocked from tracking your¬†movements. It’s called the SilentPocket and what it does is block the RFID signal from your phone, rendering it untraceable. But wait, because the SilentPocket from Mia Mobi isn’t some one off. it’s actually a whole line of small bags for a variety of outfits.


The big secret behind the SilentPocket series is the silver lining inside each bag. Seen above is just one example of their extensive selection, which comes in a a variety of sizes. For pricing, go check out the source link below.


Source Mia Mobi 

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