MagPi Raspberry Pi Computer Community Magazine Launches

If you are interested in the new Raspberry Pi computer and have ordered, received or are thinking about purchasing one. You might be interested to know that the first publication of a new magazine called the MagPi, all about the fantastic $35 Raspberry Pi computer has been published.


The MagPi is a Raspberry Pi community led magazine publication aimed at all things Raspberry Pi related, and has been written with all user levels in mind. The online magazine hopes to features a wide variety of articles over the coming months. Shedding a little light on how to set up your Raspberry Pi computer, code tutorials, how to simulate the Raspberry Pi computer environment and much more.

So if you are interested and to read the first publication of the new MagPi Raspberry Pi Computer magazine, jump over to the MagPi website.

Source: Raspberry Pi

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