Legend of Grimrock Studio Celebrates Success, Talks Up New Project

Legend of Grimrock has sold 600 000 copies, according to a blog post by developer Almost Human. “We would’ve been happy with just one tenth of the sales numbers, so needless to say we’re very happy and the future of our company is secured for a long time,” the devs wrote.


“We released our first game, Legend of Grimrock, which was the best seller for two weeks in Steam and has continued to surpass our expectations. LoG reached 82 points in Metascore declaring it officially to be a great game (but we already knew that, right?).

But even with their recent success in mind, the indie studio is looking towards the future and already hard at work on something new. Though not all that new by the looks of things. “We thought we could share with you a glimpse of some new exiting things we’ve been working on. But beware, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Enjoy!”

Source Almost Human

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