Layar Augmented Reality Google Glass App Now Available (video)

This week Layar has announced that its augmented reality application is now available for Google Glass owners to download and install if desired adding new AR features to Glass.

The Layar Glass app has been designed to enable users to view any of the existing augmented reality and interactive print content using their Google Glass device. As well as providing users with access to one of the current 6,000 Geo Layers available. Watch the brief trailer after the jump to see the new Google Glass Layar application in action and a quick run through of its features.

Layar Google Glass

“With Interactive Print, static print content comes alive with videos, photo slideshows, links to buy and share and immersive 3D experiences. Glass users can now access Layar’s rapidly growing platform of Interactive Print campaigns, including magazines like Men’s Health, Inc. and Glamour, as well as newspapers, advertising, art and more.

Geo Layers allow users to see location-based information – including points-of-interest like local real restate listings, geotagged media like nearby photos and tweets, 3D art and more – in an augmented, “heads up” view using the camera on the Glass device.”

Currently the new augmented reality Layar app for Google’s eyewear is currently still in its beta development stage and isn’t currently available via the Glassware app site. For more information on the new Layar Google Glass app jump over to the Layar press release website for details.

Source: TNW

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