LastPass Password Service Now Checks If Your Sites Are Affected By Heartbleed

Users of the LastPass password service might be interested to know that the service is now offering its customers with a free checking service to see if the sites you visit are affected by the recent Heartbleed OpenSSL bug.

If you are already a LastPass user the process of checking the websites you visit that may have been compromised is an easy process to carry out, and links are then provided to make it easy for you to update the passwords that need to be re-secured.

LastPass HeartBleed

To start the scan simply goto the ‘Tools’ menu and then select ‘Security Check’ and the software will automatically check your sites and provide a report of its findings. LastPass explains:

“We will continue to update the Security Check recommendations based on which sites we have seen take action and where it is safe to update your passwords. We’ll monitor the situation in general and keep our community posted.”

For more information on the new LastPass Heartbleed security check jump over to the LastPass website for details.

Source: LastPass

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