Kinect For Windows v2 Hardware Unveiled By Microsoft

Microsoft has this week published new images of its latest Kinect for Windows v2 gesture control sensor, allowing us for the first time to see the new hardware that will be made available later this year.

The new Kinect for Windows v2 is similar in design to that of the Kinect features control hardware that comes bundled with the next generation Xbox One console, with the exception of the words Kinect printed on the top left of the hardware for the Kinect for Windows version.

Kinect For Windows v2

Features of the new Kinect for Windows include a USB 3.0 output to PC and a power supply that supports voltages from 100 to 240 Volts. Last summer Microsoft launched its new Kinect for Windows v2 for developers and provided them with an alpha version of the new Kinect for Windows hardware.

Microsoft is expected to roll out the next generation of Kinect for Windows v2 hardware during the summer months of this year, and as more information is released by Microsoft in the coming months we will keep you updated as always. For more information Windows v2 developer program which is currently closed jump over to the Kinect for Windows website.

Source: Microsoft

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