JVC N-BX3 Nightstand iPhone Dock Announced

JVC has added another iPhone and iPod dock to their range, the JVC N-BX3 Nightstand dock, which isn’t just an iPhone and iPod dock, but also a piece of furniture that is designed to replace you existing nightstand.

The JVC N-BX3 features a built in dock which will work with the iPhone and iPod, and it measures 500mm by 300mm by 110mm and it weighs in at 20kg.

JVC N-BX3 Nightstand iPhone Dock

It comes with a built in 60 watt amp, a pair of 8cm speakers 30 watt speaker and an FM radio, it also comes with a glass top and the cabinet of the device is made from wood it will be available in a choice of black or white.

JVC N-BX3 Nightstand iPhone Dock

The JVC N-BX3 Nightstand iPhone and iPad dock is available in Japan for about 40,000 YEN, which works out at around $525.

Source Akihabara News


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