James May’s Lego House Gets Demolished

It looks like nobody wanted James May’s full sized Lego house after all, unfortunately it was demolished yesterday, and the bricks used to build it will be donated to charity, check out the pictures below of it being demolished.

James May's Lego House Gets Demolished

James May's Lego House Gets Demolished

James May's Lego House Gets Demolished

James May's Lego House Gets Demolished

It was going to cost a massive £50,000 to dismantle and move the Lego house to another location, in the end it seems like no one wanted to stump up the cash, which is a shame, as it would have made a great attraction at somewhere like Legoland.

Telegraph via Le Journal Du Geek

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  • Jordie

    Ouch that hurts.

  • Dara

    my dream of building a castle out of legos is out of the question then

  • http://plazm.com madangel23

    oh no! it’s so beautiful! weeping LEGO gods indeed.

  • Alan

    You know, if it actually had been made of Legos, it might have been worth moving somewhere. But it’s a wood-frame building with a Lego skin. Meh…

    Mr. Slow, not interested, thank you…

  • Sir N. Manstoe

    yea, they wouldn’t cough up 50 thou quid to get that in their park.
    but they loved the fact that their name was published in relation to this project… that is what free PR is all about… It’s like leaches sucking other people’s blood..

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  • jay

    i wanted that house:) hehe i wouldve lived there:)

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  • Wren Works 500

    the whole reason was that Lego gave a set of plans but they decided to build it their own way.
    and as Lego owns the right to every brick in the country they decided to have it knocked down!

    This makes me angry!

  • Ajarboe

    I am a huge fan of Legos. I build stuff everyday. I would have loved to work with you mr James may. I admire the work of the Lego structure. It’s a shame it had to be destroyed. I’ve always dream of becoming a good Lego builder like you. I’ve also and to work beside you on building structures. Your a great builder,anyways keep up the good work