Jackal Single Wheel Vehicle Unveiled Controlled By An Arduino Mega

Jackal Single Wheel Vehicle

Nick Thatcher as this month unveiled his latest single wheeled vehicle creation in the form of the Jackal which builds on the technology he used to create The Raptor single wheeled vehicle back in 2012.

The upgraded Jackal single wheeled vehicle is equipped with a 19 inch motorcycle wheel and includes improved balancing, all controlled using an Arduino Mega development board.

The Jackal is powered by a 450 Watt 1020z geared motor, that is more often found powering scooters and is the same motor that was used in the original Raptor. Check out the new Jackal being demonstrated at the Makerfaire UK late last month in the video below.

The Jackal single wheeled vehicle is capable of reaching 20mph however the recommended safe speed is 15 mph says Thatcher, who explains a little more about his creation.

“The Jackal is my second self balancing unicycle its controlled by an Arduino Mega , I took everything I learned from making the raptor and added speed, style and a proper wheel. If you want to find out more you can visit my website at”

For more information on the new Jackal single wheeled vehicle jump over to the Thatch website for details.

Source: Hack A Day

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