iSkin earTones Earphones Work with Lots of Devices

iSkin is generally a company that makes cases and other accessories for smartphones and gadgets. The company has announced a new product called the earTones earphones. The new offerings will work with all sorts of devices including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other smartphones.


One of the big features of the earTones is the Microban antimicrobial coating that helps to prevent any growth of bacteria or germs to keep the earphones sanitary and from getting stained up. The earphones also have a special Flexfit neck that flexes when in the ear for comfort.

An inline remote control allows the wearer to control the music on a smartphone like the iPhone and the iPod. Along with the controls, the earTones earphones also have a mic that allows a music phone user to make and receive calls with the earphones on. They come in several colors and sell for about $40 right now.