iPad Kitchen Cabinet Mod

I’m sure this mod by TUAW reader Alan Daly will inspire many people to dig out their jigsaw cutters and start hacking away at furniture around their home. I’ve already started on my coffee table to create my own special brand of touch surface device.

Alan commented that “My wife thought I was nuts – until she saw the finished product …” After buying  a replacement cabinet door and cutting that one, just in case anything went a little wrong. Alan cut the hole with a jigsaw, and then used a Dremel tool to get the edges smooth and straight.

Via Engadget Via Tuaw

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    Wow, looks cool! Thanks for the video. I think, it`s a great idea. Especially it would match high-tech interiour of a kitchen. It seems to me that iPads soon will be installed everywhere) Some already wear it as an accessory, mount it into a car etc. What will be next?)