iPad Appears As Deleted In Best Buy Inventory System Ahead Of iPad 2 Launch

There have been a number of rumors today that Apple has stopped production of the first generation iPad, which is expected to be replaced tomorrow with the launch of the iPad 2.

Apple iPad

Now the guys over at MacRumors have obtained some screenshots of the Best Buiy inventory system and it is currently showing the iPad as set to ‘deleted’ status.

So it looks like Apple will replace the original iPad with the iPad 2, we did wonder if Apple would sell the original iPad alongside the iPad 2 at a cheaper price, just as they have done with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, although this is looking even less likely now with this recent information.

Apple has now revealed the iPad 3 which is sold along with the iPad 2, have a look at our iPad 3 vs iPad 2 guide for the differences between the two tablets.

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