ION iType Full Size iPhone Keyboard Accessory

ION has unveiled a new accessory for the Apple iPhone at this years CES, the ION iType.

The ION iType of a full size QWERTY keyboard accessory for the iPhone, and as you can see from the photo the iPhone actually slots into the iType keyboard.

ION iType Full Size iPhone Keyboard Accessory

The ION iType is designed to be used by travellers and people on the go who want to use a larger keyboard with their iPhone for emails, texting and web surfing.

It certainly seems like a useful accessory if you are the sort of person who doesn’t like the iPhone’s tiny touchscreen keyboard, although I have got quite used to it myself and am capable of a very fast four words per minute on my iPhone.

There are no details on pricing as yet for the ION iType, it is expected to go on sale later in the year.

via TFTS

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  • Flaming Llama

    Four words a minute!?

  • Roland Hutchinson

    OK maybe five on a good day :)

  • Nancy Henderson

    THIS WILL WORK GREAT for my husband who is writing a book and while traveling awesome. He can access his manuscript via Mobile Me and type away to the cloud. Thanks ION

  • Stephen Warren

    How much will it cost

  • Richard

    It was on ionaudio’s website – but has disappeared. Is it still going to be poduced.