Infographic Breaks Down the $33 Billion Mobile Gaming Market (Infographic)

The mobile gaming market was worth $33 billion dollars and this informative infographic provides an easy to understand breakdown of the main areas within the mobile gaming market, together with a few interesting facts.

The inforgraphic has been created by Geekaphone and shows how the gaming market has moved from the likes of Gameboy and PSP devices, to tablets and smartphones. Check out the full version after the jump.

mobile gaming infographic

mobile gaming infographic

“One of the more surprising factoids in today’s infographic is the percentage of female to male gamers. In the mobile gaming market population females account for 53%, a nice shift from the usual video gaming demographic.”

Source: Daily Infographic : DVICE

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  • fnx

    Worth $33 billion pounds?

  • Roland Hutchinson

    Hi fnx

    Thanks for pointing that out it is in fact $33 billion dollars