Hulu Offered $1 Billion by 3 Companies

Hulu, the video streaming service currently owned by News Corp and Walt Disney Co, has three offers on the table to be bought out by DirecTV and two other companies for more than a billion dollars. This isn’t quite as big of a bet as Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr – Hulu has four million subscribers and brings in $700 million annually – but it is still quite a bit of money considering News Corp and Walt Disney Co couldn’t sell it back in 2011.


In addition to the three offers for over a billion, Hulu board members are considering four other offers that are under a billion. The high offers suggest that News Corp and Walt Disney Co will finally accept an offer. Back in 2011 they were their own worst enemies, refusing to accept anything because they felt the offers weren’t enough.

Comcast also has a good stake in the company, but doesn’t have a say due to a condition it agreed to in 2011 when it acquired NBC Universal.

If Hulu does get sold, who would you like to see it go to?

Source – Reuters

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