Hi-Five LED Watch MP3 Player Concept

Another unique LED watch concept has made its way on to the TokyoFlash website called the Hi-Five. Which combines an LED watch and MP3 player together in a record deck style wrist watch.

The Hi-Five which has been designed and submitted to the TokyoFlash website by Lloyd from Australia. Was inspired while Lloyd was contemplating the way light falls on the grooves of a vinyl record

Hi-Five LED Wtach Concept

The Hi-Five time is shown around the always on LED record watch face, and it’s internal battery supports USB charging via a computer. Its strap is also made from animal friendly material.

“In both time and date modes the 4 digits are subtly displayed around a ‘record’ so as to simulate light reflecting on a record’s grooves. To indicate when the watch is in date mode, a small red light comes on in the bottom left corner of the display. There are 2 slightly different versions of Hi Five’s case. Please take a look at the diagrams below.”

If you like the design of the new Hi-Five watch jump over to the TokyoFlash website to place your vote and see if you can help the design make the jump to production.

Hi-Five LED Wtach Concept

Source: Ubergizmo : TokyoFlash

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