Handmade Particle Accelerator Unveiled At Milan Design Week

During the Milan Design Week this month, Super/collider and designer Patrick Stevenson-Keating, have created a handmade Particle Accelerator kit to promote science through the creative industries.

The project was commissioned by Hacked, and comprises of a series of organically shaped hand blown glass bulb with tubing attached, creating a vacuum inside which then enables a stream of electrons to zoom from one side of the glass bulb to the other.

Handmade Particle Accelerator

During the process the experiment creates a mesmerising purple glow, which is due to ‘Each illuminated globe will host a series of particle collisions as electrons rush through the void to interact with a glowing phosphorus screen at the other end.’

“The Handcrafted Particle Accelerator is a site-specific commission by super/collider for Hacked – an experimental programme live activities, events, installations, performances and workshops curated by Beatrice Galilee. A programme of fleeting, yet arresting design events will take place at least three times a day during Milan Design Week at La Rinascente, offering visitors interactive, visceral, playful futuristic, scientific, choreographic and informative, but always designed experiences. “

Source: Engadget : Super/collider : Protein

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