Google Search History Lands On iOS And Android Devices

Google has today announced that its rolled out a new update to its mobile searches which brings the addition of a new “Recent” button for both iOS and Android devices.

Any searches you now carry out if you have your Web History enabled and are logged into Google when doing the search, will now be available to you from your mobile device.

Google Recent

The “Recent” icon now allows you to swipe back through your history and see any searches you might have carried out on your desktop computer, conveniently on your mobile smartphone or tablet. Searches you make will be available to view for around 24 hours. Google explains:

“Now, next time you go to on your Android phone or iPhone, information about that place will be conveniently available under the new “Recent” icon. Calling, getting directions or seeing details about the places you just searched for is now only one tap away.”

Source: Google

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