Fitwall – The Next Big Workout Machine

Fitwall is a brand new piece of workout equipment that is already making waves in the health and fitness community in La Jolla, California. Josh Weinstein decided to set up his base of operations for his new fitness studio in La Jolla to launch Fitwall, an innovative new fitness machine that hooks you up to a heart rate monitor while you workout on what almost looks like a shelved wall.

The Fitwall stands 7.5 feet tall and has four ‘shelves’ for feet holds and four ‘shelves’ for grips. You use an iPad, which attaches onto the Fitwall while you’re exercising, to monitor your heart rate and workout rate/intensity. Once you’re hooked up, you’re ready to perform one of the more than 900 exercises available to you – although most people stick with the popular 14 exercise routine.


Fitwall is only the beginning. Josh Weinstein and his partners Doug Brendle, Ethan Penner and Anthony Westreich are looking to open more than 100 technology-based fitness gyms across the U.S. that don’t have any of the traditional fitness equipment you’re used to.

Right now you’d have to join the studio to get in on the ground floor of this brand new workout machine, but I’m sure Fitwall will be available for purchase and home use before long.

Source – CNET

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