Eurotech Zypad WL 1500 Wearable Computer Breaks Cover

Wearable computers are something that is very intriguing to many of us. The allow you to use both of your hands when you need to and still have computing power at your fingertips. Eurotech has announced a new wearable computer called the Zypad WL 1500. The machine is aimed at field worker types and medical pros that need a computer that can be operated with a single hand.

Zypad WL 1500

The machine has a 3.5-inch TFT LCD that is touch sensitive with a QVGA resolution. The backlight of the screen is controlled by an ambient light sensor to make it easier to read and to control power use. It promises to run for eight hours on a single hot swappable battery.

It has a 12-key keyboard in addition to the touchscreen, 128MB of SDRAM and a microSD card slot for storage. It also features a SIM card slot and integrated GPS for tracking. The computer runs Windows CE 6.0 and will be available in Q2.

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