Dropbox Now Available In China Once Again

Nearly four years after the cloud storage service Dropbox was blocked by Chinese authorities, it has been revealed this week that Dropbox has now been allowed access to and from the country once again.

The news of Dropbox access being once again available from China has been published by the Tech in Asia website who noticed that the Dropbox cloud storage service was once again available last week. However they held back advertising the news just in case the access was actually a mistake by Chinese authorities and would be corrected.

Dropbox China

Even though Dropbox is now available in China it will still have an uphill struggle to gain new customers in the country, due to a number of competing cloud storage companies. One of which is Kanbox which was launched back in 2011 and enjoyed a user base of over 15 million before it was purchased by Alibaba in September last year.

No details have been released by the Chinese government as to why they have now lifted restrictions and are now allowing access to the Dropbox cloud storage service once again, or even why was blocked nearly 4 years ago.

So it only remains to be seen as whether access to Dropbox will continue to be made available or whether Chinese authorities will once again without warning stop access. At the present time Google’s Google Drive cloud storage service is still unavailable from within China.

Source: Softpedia

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