Digifit Updates App and Launches New iPhone Accessories

Digifit is a company that has a lot of different accessories for the iPhone. The company also has a cool app that will interface with the iPhone and other fitness gear to let you see things like heart rate, speed, and lots more while you workout. The company has announced an update to its app today and the addition of two new accessories for the iPhone.

Digifit Accessories

The app is now at version 3 and it has multitasking so you can answer your phone or reply to a text without having to stop the app. It will work with the Withings scale and can be backed up and synced to Web Locker. It also offers voice feedback now to help the user stay in the target heart rate zone.

The two new accessories include the DC2 ANT+ receiver that allows the iPhone to wirelessly connect to the sensors in workout gear. The new adapter is 60% smaller than the old design and fits more snugly. If you ride a bike to stay fit Digifit also has a new case for bikes that is waterproof and has a built in sensor. It keeps your iPhone safe while you ride and the app tracks your speed and cadence among other things.