Corning Willow Glass Unveiled For Smartphones (video)

Corning has been busy developing its Gorilla Glass for some time and has this week officially unveiled its new Willow Glass, at the Society for Information Display’s Display Week tradeshow in Boston.

Corning Willow Glass is ultra thin, light weight and flexible allowing manufactures to take their smartphone designs to new heights. Willow Glass is also able to support thinner backplanes and colour filters for use with either OLED and LCD technologies, says Corning.

Corning Willow Glass

Corning has designed their new Willow Glass to perform exceptionally well when used in touch sensors. As well as using the Willow glass’s natural hermetic properties as a seal for OLED displays and other moisture and oxygen-sensitive devices. Corning explains:

“Corning Willow Glass will help enable thin, light and cost-efficient applications including today’s slim displays and the smart surfaces of the future. The thinness, strength, and flexibility of the glass has the potential to enable displays to be “wrapped” around a device or structure.”

To explain in more detail, Willow Glass is a substrate for use “inside” the display, while Gorilla Glass is outside the display protecting it from every day wear and tear.  Willow glass has the properties that support high performance LCDs and OLED and touch panels.  Scratch and damage resistant Gorilla Glass is the cover glass that is used on the “outside” of the display.

More information about Corning’s Willow Glass is available in the official press release available here.

Source: Hot Hardware

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