Relonch Camera Combines With Your iPhone For $499 (video)

Relonch Camera

A new camera has been unveiled called the Relonch Camera, that has been designed to be used with Apple’s iPhone smartphone allowing you to capture fancy photographs, say its creators.

The Relonch Camera allows you to insert your smartphone into the back of the camera case, adding extra features and making it easy to share your captured footage. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Relonch Camera and see it in action.

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IK Multimedia iRig Pads Offer 16-Pad MIDI And iOS Connectivity

iRig Pads

DJs looking for a portable MIDI controller might be interested to know that IK Multimedia has this week unveiled their new iRig Pads that offer a 16-pad MIDI groove controller for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as Mac and PC.

Features of the iRig Pads include 2 x MIDI knobs, 2 x pushbuttons, 1 x slider and a pushbutton rotary encoder, all of which are programmable. Together with 16 user-programmable MIDI scenes for instant recall of custom MIDI maps when required.

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New Pebble Smartwatch Firmware Update Adds iOS 8 Support And More

Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble the creators of the Kickstarter funded Pebble smartwatch which raised over $10 million in pledges from over 68,000 backers has this week released a new firmware update for its Pebble smartwatch.

The latest firmware update brings with it support for Apple’s latest iOS 8 mobile operating system that officially launched yesterday and includes a wealth of new features, tweaks and enhancements for iOS users to enjoy as well as todays launch of the new Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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AliveECG A-fib Detection System iPhone Heart Monitor Case

iPhone Heart Monitor Case

iPhone owners that suffer from heart problems might be interested in a new iPhone heart monitoring case which has been launched this week called the AliveECG A-fib detection system which was unveiled earlier this year.

The AliveECG A-fib detection system is priced at $199 and consists of an iPhone 5 or 5S case that can be rested on your fingers or chest to record your electrocardiogram (ECG) reading.

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MakerBot And Fraemes Join Forces To Create 3D Printed iPhone Cases

3D Printed iPhone Cases

This week MakerBot and Fraemes have announced that the companies are joining forces to allow access to a range of 3D printed iPhone cases that can be easily interchanged depending on your style and mood at the time and printed using a Makerbot 3D printer or simply purchased directly from the Fraemes website.

The new 3D printed iPhone cases have been designed with tabs allowing for an insert to be attached within the iPhone bumper case with ease, allowing you to pop it back out and change it whenever desired.

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Cabin Magnetic iPhone Battery Case Launches On Kickstarter (video)

Magnetic iPhone Battery Case

Hevo Labs based in China has this week launched a new Kickstarter campaign looking to raise funds for their new and very unique magnetic iPhone battery case, called the Cabin.

The Cabin uses magnets to attach to your Apple iPhone making it easier to remove and charge when required and is constructed from aluminium to provide users with a stylish slimline battery pack.

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Compact iPhone Camera Stabilizer Launches On Kickstarter (video)

iPhone camera stabilizer

iPhone owners looking for a way to reduce the shake when recording video footage using the Apple smartphone, might be interested in a new iPhone camera stabilizer called Elephant Steady which is being created by ADPLUS based in Kumamoto, Japan.

The Elephant Steady has been designed to offer users the world’s smallest iPhone camera stabilizer and uses the processing power from your iPhone to help keep the device steady whilst recording.

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BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer Launches For $50

Smartphone Breathalyzer

A new pocket sized smartphone breathalyzer has been launched today by BACtrack called the BACtrack Vio which is priced at just $50 and has been designed to support both Android and iOS devices.

BACtrack’s small smartphone breathalyzer, offers a host of app-enabled features and is equipped with ZeroLine technology that estimates how long it will take your Blood Alcohol Content to return to 0.00% based on your last test result.

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UNITI iMac Organizer And Display Stand With Integrated Device Chargers (video)

iMac Organizer

Apple iMac owners or those of you with Apple or PC displays on your desk might be interested in a new iMac organizer and display stand which has been designed to make it easier to both charge your mobile devices and also store your keyboard and mouse out of the way when not required.

UNITI is the name of the new desktop accessory which has been designed to elevate your monitor and provide you with better posture, as well as providing to front facing USB connections, and a handy headphone connection.

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Mophie Releases 64GB Space Pack Battery Case for iPhone 5/5S

Morphie Space Pack

Mophie, a popular accessory maker, has released a 64GB Mophie Space Pack that doesn’t only provide users with additional storage, but also features a 1,700 mAh battery which can provide users with an additional battery time.

Do know that Mophie Space Pack has been around for a while, but in 16 and 32GB storage options, it’s lately that the company decided to offer more users to storage hungry users.

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