Twelve South Launches BookBook Case for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

BookBook Case

Twelve South has launched its popular BookBook case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The BookBook case is a thin iPhone 6 case, which also features several aspects of a luxury wallet so you could store you credit cards, and cash, along with your iPhone.

The case is available for sale at the company’s website for $59.99, and comes with two color options for both devices: brown and black.

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Sarvi Dock A Versatile iOS And Android Tablet And Smartphone Dock (video)

Smartphone Dock

iOS And Android tablet and smartphone owners looking for a new minimalist yet stylish tablet and smartphone dock maybe interested in the Sarvi Dock that has launched several Kickstarter crowdfunding website this week.

The Sarvi Dock is looking to raise $30,000 to go from a concept into production and has been specifically designed to work with a variety of different sized tablets and smartphone devices whether they are in cases or not.

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Lucidream eXo-Skeleton iPhone Case (video)

iPhone Case

iPhone 6 owners that are looking for a new and very unique iPhone case might be interested in a new design created by Ramak Radmard and Lucidream in the form of the Lucidream eXo-Skeleton.

The Lucidream eXo-Skeleton iPhone case is constructed from premium stainless steel and has been specifically designed to provide an impact absorbing iPhone case with an integrated accessories connection, enabling functional customisation. To learn more about what this means from its creator watch the video after the jump.

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LifeProof iPhone 6 Case Makes Your iPhone Dust and Water-Resistant

Lifeproof iPhone 6 Case

We all tend to drop our devices once in a while. Some time it survives, on extreme, there’s significant damage. If you’re in possession of an iPhone 6, using a case is highly recommended as dropping it can have a significant impact on the device.

If you’re looking for tough yet good looking case for your iPhone 6, Lifeproof is offering a case which can definitely help you protect your device from significant damage. With LifeProof’s iPhone 6 Case, your device can survive a 2 meter drop.

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ArmorGrip One-Handed Case for iPhone 6 Plus (video)

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus owners that find holding their new smartphone a little tricky, when compared to the smaller iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, may be interested in a new iPhone 6 Plus case called the ArmorGrip.

The ArmorGrip iPhone 6 Plus case not only makes it easier for you to hold and use your new Apple phablet. But also provides extra protection against the dreaded “bendgate” problem. Making sure your new larger Apple smartphone doesn’t bend when inserted into your pocket during use.

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qronoCase iPhone 6 Modular Case Offers A Wallet, Battery And More (video)

iPhone 6 case

Apple iPhone 6 owners that are looking for a way to protect their new smartphone but would also enjoy a little versatility may like the new qronoCase designed by MChan and the qronoTeam.

The qronoCase iPhone 6 case has been designed to provide a modular system that can be adapted to suit your day ahead with either a battery, wallet or holding strap. Watch the video below to see it in action.

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Moleskine Smart Notebook And iOS App Transform Sketches Into Vectors (video)


Moleskine and Adobe have teamed-up to create a new Moleskine Smart Notebook and companion application that allows users to easily convert sketches into vector images.

The Moleskine Smart Notebook combines with than iOS app and Adobe’s Creative Cloud to take your ideas from paper to vector artwork in an instant. Watch the video after the jump to see how it works.

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Motorola Keylink Helps You Locate Misplaced Keys And Smartphones

Motorola Keylink

Motorola has this week unveiled the new device called the Motorola Keylink that it has created to help you locate your smartphone or keys when you might have misplaced them.

The new Motorola Keylink takes the form of a small keyring dongle that connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth and uses a companion application that is available to load onto select Android and iOS devices.

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Twelve South HiRise Deluxe iOS Charging Stand Launches For $60

HiRise Deluxe

Accessory makers Twelve South have this month launched a new iOS charging stand called the HiRise Deluxe that can be used with Apple’s latest smartphones and tablets and is now available to purchase for $60.

The HiRise Deluxe comes supplied with both MFi-certified Lightning and Micro-USB cables to allow owners to charge their iPhone devices even if there are enclosed in a battery case such as the Mophie Juice Pack.

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Lume Cube Video Light For GoPro Action Cameras, iOS And Android (video)

Lume Cube Video Light

Anyone who enjoys recording video footage or taking photographs using action cameras, smart phones or tablets but fines low light conditions troublesome, might be interested in a new video flashlight called the Lume Cube.

The Lume Cube has been designed to provide 1,500 Lumens from just a small 1.5″cube device and supports both Android and iOS devices as well as action cameras such as the GoPro.

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inCharge Tiny Charging Cable For Both Android And iOS Devices (video)


Remembering to carry a charging cable with you can sometimes be a pain and if you forget one trying to charge your smartphone can become a real chore.

Engineering students Lorenzo and Carlo based in Politecnico di Milano, in Italy think they may have the solution and have created a tiny charging cable called inCharge that comes with either a microUSB or Lightning connection. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the inCharge indiegogo project and see it in action.

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