Cardock Is Your Alternative Garage Solution

Have you ever had that problem where you had to park cars in just one driveway? Maybe not, but that doesn’t stop the Cardock from offering to solve your problem.

The Cardock is an alternative garage solution targeted at more affluent consumers who seek to save space in their residences, or even to hide one car under garden space. Essentially, it allows users to park two cars using a the space required for one by means of a powerful elevator.

This elevator lowers one car into the ground and thus allows users to park another car over it. The good news is that users do not need to move the car on top to be able to use the one at the bottom. The invention provides for a mechanism that allows users to move the bottom car without moving the top one.

This futuristic invention is already using in several London residences. Eight are currently functional, four are under construction, and ten are being readied for installation.

This double capacity elevator can hold up to 10 tons or 22, 400 lbs of car weight. It costs around $61,181 for a single model and $72,816 for a double one.

Via Geeks Are Sexy

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  • Kev

    provided you don’t live in a place with a high water table.

  • companyemails

    Looks like a great set up if you want to turn a basement into an underground garage.  I can easily see digging a small yard, creating a basement garage, seeding the roof of the garage so that you replace the yeard at ground level again; and using an elevator like this to access the underground garage.  To passer’s by your  yard would look the same as always, and you would have a multi car storage underground and connected internally to the home.

  • Garages

    I love the car dock! It was really a great idea.