Biscotti TV Phone, Brings Video Conferencing To Your HDTV And Google Talk Devices

Biscotti have launched a new TV phone that has been designed to bring video conferencing to your home HDTV. The Biscotti TV Phone is equipped with a high definition camera and microphone and comes supplied with a simple remote control to allow you to take and make calls from the comfort of your arm chair.

The Biscotti TV Phone will talk to other Biscotti TV Phones and other devices that are able to run Google Talk such as mobiles, tablets and PC’s. Setup is very simply and consists of a setup box which connects to your HDTV via a HDMI connection and then overlays its menus and user interface on top of whichever program you are currently viewing.

Biscotti TV Phone

The as Biscotti TV Phone also includes features that provide it with auto-answer  and HDMI-CEC control capabilities. The Biscotti TV Phone is now available to purchase for $199 but requires no subscriptions.

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