Bad Elf Adds GPS to iPad and iPod

Do you need GPS features on your iPad or iPod? Juts plug in the Bad Elf GPS dongle and instantly add the ability to use GPS for all location-based iOS applications currently available at the App Store.

Dock-Dongle Adds GPS to iPad and iPod

Once the dongle which is the size of a small box of matches is fitted you will still need an internet connection to be able to use Google maps and other online mapping services.

The dongle runs of the battery of your device so be aware that it is quite power hungry and will run the small iPod battery down fairly quickly when in use.

Technical Specifications:

– 66-channel MTK GPS chipset
– Fast GPS lock times
– Up to 10Hz update rate
– Assisted GPS (when network available)
– Micro-USB port and 6ft cable provided for charging / syncing during use
– App available to update satellite data and firmware
– Max altitude: 60K feet
– Max speed: 1000 mph

The Bad Elf GPS Dongle is currently on special offer at the moment reduced from $129 to $99 until the 22nd October.

Via Gadget Lab

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  • Mikey Joe

    Isnt this a nockoff of the company orange gadgets which produces the igps360?